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Focus on your business while we inject new insights to how you manage your business with our holistic approach to partnering you in driving results.
Company Incorporation and Secretarial Support
Looking to start your Company, unsure of the business regulations and tax implications for you? Our experienced team of Corporate Secretaries are ready to advice you.
Business Services
Tired of having to manage your finances after a long day of running your business or having accounting staff turnover issues? Our Finance Professionals stand ready to help you.
Get instant access to a team of qualified Financial Controllers and Finance Managers to provide expert financial advice and guidance to your business today!
Government Grants
Find out which government grants can help your start-up, digitalise your business or scale growth. Let us help you to navigate the various available options.
Business Loans
In search of funding for your business for growth or asset acquisition? Our Finance Professionals here to help you identify suitable financing schemes.
Succession & Estate Planning
Build a legacy for the business empire you have painstakingly establish over the year. Contact our Estate Planners today to find out more.

Company Incorporation and Secretarial Support

From company formation, we guide and advise you on the relevant rules and regulations in Singapore so that your company can be in compliant, through our services as Corporate Secretarial Agents. You should focus on strategic and management issues, leave the corporate compliance matters with us.

Business Administration

Businesses of all sizes recognize the benefits in outsourcing their business administration services in order to minimize costs and increase efficiency.

FBA offers dedicated company administration services and can assist in drafting shareholder agreements, maintain statutory records, prepare filing of annual returns as well as make changes to the company structure. Should there be a need, our legal partners are always ready to provide their expert opinions and assistance.

Company Registration

FBA is able to assist with the registrations of companies in Singapore and beyond.

Our many years of experience have helped companies – from startups to SMEs to big companies – to incorporate successfully in Singapore. Our experienced consultants work closely with you to understand your business needs and design customized solutions to suit your requirements.

Company Secretarial

FBA is licensed to act as a company secretary.

We work with clients to provide on-going administration and secretarial services where we manage the company formation process as well as routine secretarial support services such as change directors, shareholders and attending to board meetings.

Compliance Support

We offer a broad range of solutions that can be customized to the unique needs of a business.

FBA can assist with the day-to-day risk and compliance requirements of running a business so that you can focus on growing your business. You will enjoy full peace of mind knowing that you are in compliance with legal and statutory requirements. FBA partners with lawyers and trained paralegal professionals to support our clients.

Singapore Registered Address

All Singapore incorporated companies are required to have a local registered address where the company can store its statutory documents.

As part of our dedicated company administration services FBA is able to provide a registered office address within Singapore.

Business Services

Our business services are customized to your needs because we inject meaning to the numbers mean to you. We meet with our clients on a regular basis to share the implications of their financial results, highlight variances and alert them when we identify any compliance issues like GST and withholding tax. Essentially, we function like your finance team, without the high staff costs and turnover management.

Employee Payroll, Leave & Claims Management

We offer a best-in-class employee solutions to support you in your business growth, from onboarding employees to managing their monthly salary payments, we are here to be your R business partner.

  • Employee onboarding including application of required employment passes, work permits
  • Employee salary payments
  • Leave management
  • Claims administration
  • Benefits administrations and management
Accounting Services

We offer a whole range of professional bookkeeping services beyond your traditional bookkeeping services.

  • Maintenance of your accounting records in your existing ERP or accounting system or if you like, we can do the same with our cloud-based accounting system
  • Reconciliation of bank statements
  • Account receivables collections and management
  • Account payables management
  • Consolidation accounting and preparation of group financial statements in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standards of Singapore and XBRL statements
Goods and Services Tax Administration Services

We work with GST professionals to provide advice on Goods & Services Tax (GST) registration for your business. In addition, we provide assistance on quarterly GST Form 5 submission on your behalf.

For clients with existing in-house finance teams, we are able to assist you to review the quarterly GST Form 5 preparation prior to submission. Looking for a peace of mind, contact us today!


Often SMEs must navigate the many complexities of doing business while managing the growth pains of scaling fast. Founders and directors need access to the high level financial and strategic insights that only a CFO/ FC can bring to the table. Employing one is however costly and it limits you to the skillset of one professional. We bring the access to a dedicated Business Controller for an amount of time per month that suits your strategy and your budget, backed by the full insight of an experienced team with many decades worth of experience.

Business Controller Services

Our Business Controllers operate like they are the clients’ FCs and CFOs.

One of our focus is the strengthen clients’ operational and financial operations sound financial management with the objective of profit and cash flow maximization – key for business success.

    • Financial Planning and Forecasting
    • Profit Maximization and Price Analysis
    • Budget Preparation and Business Performance Monitoring
    • Cost Control and Variance Analysis
    • Cashflow Management
    • Working Capital Management
    • Investors’ Financial Pitch Preparation and Presentation
    • Revenue Modelling and Business Growth Forecast
    • Business Funding Solutions
    • Government Grant Application Support

Government Grants

As a business owner in Singapore, you have access to a range of business grants administered by various government agencies to help Singapore grow and thrive as a global business and financial hub. We look to make that easier for you to leverage on the various business grants to help catalyse your growth.

How Government Grants Works?

As a newly incorporated startup, the government offers several attractive grants and funding schemes that help grow a business through its various early stages. In addition to the government support, there are many angel investing networks, venture capital firms, private equity firms, startup incubators and accelerator programs that assist entrepreneurs in raising capital.

Singapore government has always been very supportive of SMEs, in the form of providing Singapore SME grants to help boost business growth.

Contact us today to find out on the different types of grants you can top on to support your business growth.

Business Loans

As founders/ directors take their business to the next level, they look to external financing to propel growth. Whether you are looking to acquire your company property, working capital needs, trade financing or a temporary bridging loan, we are here to assist you.

How Business Loans Works?

Business loans in Singapore are offered by almost 20+ banks and financial institutions. They have various criteria, rate and types of loans offered.

As your trusted Accountants, we help you navigate through the different requirements and assist you to secure the appropriate business loans to support your growth plans.

Succession and Estate Planning

Our team of Estate Planners advises families and businesses on their estate, financial and succession need. They have collective decades of experience in trust companies and held previous appointments as investment analysts or financial advisers.

Succession and Estate Planning Guidance

As successful business owners, it is important for you to plan ahead for your family and loved ones. You would want to leave a legacy for your children, grand-children and beyond.

FBA works with a team of estate planners to help you plan for the future. Our team assist you with thorough consideration of the non-legal aspects, such as identifying and training (which will include mentoring) a successor. There are various stages in the planning, from preparation and selection to implementation.

Contact us today to find out more about business succession planning!

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